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The ARCADIA SIT development team places technological innovation at the heart of its software production activities, periodically updating core technologies and constantly analysing the evolution of open source products to ensure product durability, protecting its own investments and those of its customers. Particular attention is paid to the design phase and implementation method (AGILE) to provide its users with tailor-made, simple and efficient solutions. The products created are arranged into microservices and use standardised interchange protocols (REST) to ensure maximum functional expandability and integration with various applications, both proprietary and third-party.

The use of WEB BASED technologies and solutions are at the core of the products developed by ARCADIA SIT to build modular and interdisciplinary systems following the concept of subsidiarity, i.e. data sharing and integration by different Bodies/Offices based on their specific skills and roles. This leads to a harmonisation of the different types of data, their validity in terms of updating and maintenance.

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