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Development of GIS systems and applications

The popularity of Open Source is now so high that it can guarantee a wide range of products of comparable quality to proprietary ones, thus reducing development and maintenance costs.

For years, ARCADIA SIT has been investing in the development of software solutions, in the field of spatial data production/management, based on Open Source technologies and standards such as OGC, GITLAB, POSTESQL/POSTGIS, LEAFLET, VUEJS, KUBERNETES, and QUARKUS. Desktop, webgis and APP solutions, all integrated with each other, provide the user with the tools to deal with and manage sector-specific skills. In particular, ARCADIA SIT has developed and proposes a webgis solution, operating on PCs, Tablets and Smartphones, for sharing information between different bodies/offices in the logic of optimisation and cooperation.

The ARCADIA SIT webgis system performs editing and analysis of the information organised in the geodatabase and its integration with third-party applications (Registry, Taxes, building permits, town-planning certificates, ...) and more generally the management and analysis of data in a web-cloud environment, in all areas involving cartographic data.

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