Developing G4View, Arcadia Sit select different components of the most innovative and efficient standard open source tools, integrating property functions and module to build a professional performing  product, able of providing an effective solution for data distribution and integration of vertical applications that need the support of cartographic information.


G4VIEW architecture is composed by three main components:

  • Database server with different levels of security on which are store the data
  • Web server exposed in Internet, that access to the database, and makes data available through standard OGC services: Web Map Service (WMS), Web Feature Service (WFS), at each
    client web connected and authorized.
  • Client Web that exposes functionality to the user based on its profiling, for consulting data, building of new dataset, execute dataset update, perform spatial analysis, maps print, etc..

G4VIEW operates in both Internet and intranet, based on the components described above


Distribute access to information in Internet / Intranet

Design G4VIEW, Arcadia SIT has set special attention to a series of points aimed at:


Ergonomic user interface easy to use


High performance information management, independent of the layers number manage, the geographical area dimension and the number of elements in each layer.


Capacity to perform spatial analysis, integrate modules and external products, produce reports, update and exchange data in order to provide each user with useful tools to support its activities.

The operational mode is typical of a web environment: a user, interacting with the web client interface, active a requests that are sent to the server that resolves and returns the results to the client (map display, set attributes, results of a query , etc.), which manages and present them in the appropriate way.


Data Access Schema

G4VIEW Manage several type of data:

  • Vector data, including editable layer
  • Raster/Tile data, including satellite images, orthophoto and raster maps
  • Metadata, related to data and services available in the infrastructure
  • Alphanumeric data organized in PostgreSQL or in other RDBMS.

In G4VIEW, both raster and vector data are managed, from several format, in form of static or dynamic Tile to optimize the time display.

G4VIEW, to improve an efficiency process, regardless of how many users are connected, manages a local cache both for Raster/Tile and vector data in order to reduce as much as possible access to the webserver, avoiding unnecessary and redundant transmission of data packets on the network and wicked latency, in addition some functionality a directly processing on client side, to not overload webserver operation.

Main functionality:

  • Dynamic Command Toolbar
  • Multi-Windows
  • Navigation controls: Pan, Incremental zoom, Zoom box, View all space
  • Base layer as Google, bing, OpenStreetMap, others
  • Attributes and documents display
  • Measuring distances and areas
  • Data sheet & Search
  • Query
  • Printing
  • Legend management
  • Report production
  • Editing and Update information


Sample Interface


Sample of statistic report

webgis_06Sample of query builder