Production of Turistic maps and Guide

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Project details

Realization of the tourist map and guide of the Park realized for elaboration of regional technical cartography and orthophoto, on which are located all elements of tourist interest: accommodation, restaurants, cultural place, sidelights environmental, public offices, etc.

Based on the geographical location cultural and environmental are design various thematic itineraries, accompanied by a descriptive forms to provide comprehensive information to tourists.

In parallel it is made a campaign to collect detailed information and photographs used in the preparation of the tourist guide to accompany the map.

The tourist map is made by designing a simple and intuitive layout to give the tourist information easy to find and understand.

The guide, divided into thematic sections, has produce in a book form including indexes for each section and a list of public services to support the stay of tourists in the Park area.

Activities carried out in the project:

  • Collecting basic cartographic data produced by the Veneto Region
  • Mosaic and simplification of cartography for the creation of topographic base
  • Collection of information elements of tourism interest
  • Collection of information and photographs in the field
  • Localization and theming of elements of interest with informative data binding
  • Project Print

Preparation and composition of the tourist guide




  • GIS
  • Cartograpphy
  • Touristic maps
  • Quality Control Procedure

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