Development of IT procedures to control cadastral data

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Project details

The object of this contract is the realization of services listed below:

  1. Development IT procedures for quality control of digital maps and cadastral Real Estate EUR SPA
  2. Application of quality control procedures, alongside with the company’s technical staff of STI srl
  3. Training of SIT technicians to use of IT procedures in their future projects.

All the activities listed above, and under this contract have been made according to ISO standards defined in the quality manual of the company ARCADIA SIT and in compliance with the technical specifications and quality define the final Client, or from EUR SPA.

The project involved the development of a series of IT procedures in GIS and RDBMS environment for certification of cadastral data and digital map products, namely:

  • Development of a GIS application in open source environment QGIS for checking the correlation cadastral map information (land / buildings) and data properties from land registry
  • Development of a QGIS plugin to check the quality of georeferencing and boundary of cadastral element
  • Development a plugin in QGIS to produce reports for each EUR’s property investigated in PDF format

After the development of the above listed IT procedure we carried out, with their application on the data produced by the company STI srl, the detecting anomalies defining strategy and methodology of correction.

When necessary we plan a survey action in field with topographic instruments, reporting the reliefs into the geodatabase.

The transfer of methodology and IT procedure developed to  STI Srl was carried training the technicians of STI srl company also with a business coaching about the control work flow and data correction, in order to make autonomous STI srl for thei future similar projects.


STI - Sistema Terre Iniziative Srl - EUR SPA


  • GIS
  • Topographic Database
  • Cadastre
  • Application Development
  • Quality Control Procedure

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