GIS for urban planning management

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Project details

The project involved construction of an inter-municipal GIS (9 municipalities of the Mountain Community) creating a new SIT offices hardware and software infrastructure and the design and implementation of cartographic services for municipal sectors.

The development of the new GIS was base on GEOMEDIA INTERGRAPH, both for desktop products (GEOMEDIA PROFESSIONAL) that for webgis (GEOMEDIA Webmap), integrated and developed ergonomically to allow automatic updating from databases to web publication.

The system managed by the Mountain Community has allowed to normalize the Urban Plans of 9 municipalities participating in the project, according to the standards defined by the Piemonte Region, providing via web of several function to manage & analyze the urban plans and other thematic maps.

The activitiescovered by the project are:

  • Production of DB Topographic from aerophotogrammetric (standards Intesa GIS)
  • Production cadastral base
  • Production toponymy / Civic basee
  • Urban Plans
  • Development webgis in environment Geomedia Webmap
  • Development local GIS in environment Geomedia PROFESSIONAL
  • Integration G.I.S. with taxes management platform
  • Installing web farm into Mountain Community office
  • Training of Mountain Community technicians
  • Assistance and support to the Mountain Community offices




  • GIS
  • Topographic Database
  • Cadastre
  • Urban Plannining
  • Application Development
  • Quality Control Procedure

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