Consortium of bonifica data management and services

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Project details

Structuring standard data repository and geographic information system management to create knowledge:

  • Catalog channels (to the water flow, toponymy, sections
  • Catalog  and management manufactured (active and passive)
  • Pump management (consumption, maintenance)
  • Data acquisition (weather, rivers levels, maintenance, etc.)
  • Management boundaries (basins, administrative, work management, etc.)
  • Restrictions and limits
  • Cadastre overlay

..,and to provide services

  • Altimetry management (dimensioned drawings, elevations sections, DTM, etc.)
  • Projects management (archive, work progress, localization, financial reports)
  • Reports management (maintenance, alerts, damage, etc.)
  • Rates calculation (spatial intersection with information rates)
  • Flow calculations
  • Cadastral Information Management
  • Integration with management software
  • On line \ off line update data




Consorzio di Bonifica Delta del Po

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