Urban Planning

Urban Planning

Urban planning define how use and rules land in urban areas. In this context, plan means formulating a General Municipal Plan, through a series of analyzes and procedures, designed to determine the rules regarding the potential use of land and by adjusting the composition of public and private interests therein insistent, defining the rules for the use of the territory in order to allow a proper use of the latter, and responsive to the public interest.

An Urban Plan normally consists in a series of elaborate, such as:

  • Framing of land situation considered in its entirety and under various aspect rappresented as maps study and analisys
  • The description of the territory at present time identifying the texture building and infrastructure, main destinations of use rapported to the necessary development
  • Zoning of homogenous areas
  • Roads Plan, showing the road network and other means of communication
  • Tables of implementation plans, identifying the areas under implementation tools
  • The Technical Normative (NTA) that allow the specification and detail of zoning and its possible utilisation
  • A technical report accompanying the plan describing the current situation and programming choices for the development of the territory

For the amount and type of information to make up a town plan, the need to enable spatial analysis and the management of changes is necessary activate a IT management with a G.I.S. software to manage data and a WebGis software for the dissemination of results.

The following are the main setup features in our product:

  • Editing of cartoghtaphic elements, with functions to test topologies, consistency of the information and to produce spatial analisys
  • Workflow to manage update and changes, with management of the historicity
  • Theming of the elements
  • Processing of dynamic maps analysis Stacking with other map data: aerial photogrammetry, cadastre, orthophotos, documentation, …
  • Search, management / Consulting attributes
  • Management / consultation documents associated with items (NTA, Notes, Plan area, …)
  • Consultation of the metadata for the correct knowledge of data
  • Integration with process to test various indices planning
  • Production of customized reports
  • Printmaking and processed