Urban Planning

Urban Planning

Town planning, in the strict sense, is identified in urban planning in the urban sphere.

In this area, planning is to formulate a Municipal General Regulatory Plan through the activation of analysis and procedures to determine the discipline about the use of the territory.

This process is through the regulation and composition of public and private interests, insisting on them, and by defining the rules to be followed for proper use of the territory that is in the general interest.

The Controller Plan normally consists of a series of elaborations, such as:

  • Overview of the territorial situation, consider in its entirety and in various respects, with the study of maps and analysis.
  • Description of the current territory that identifies the building consistency and the main uses of the municipal territory
  • Plots of homogeneous areas subject to zoning
  • The Roadworthiness Plan, with the indication of the road network and other communication routes
  • Tables of Implementation Plans, which identify the areas covered by implementing tools
  • Technical Implementation Techniques (N.T.A.) concerning the specification and detail of zoning
  • Technical report accompanying the descriptive plan of the active territorial development choices

For the quantity and type of information that requires an urban plan it is necessary to activate spatial analysis and testing and computerized management of the same.

Management activities consist of elaborations carried out using G.I.S. local, this is default with dynamics aimed at editing and checking Plans, which can also be accessed via Webgis.

List the main functions set up in our product:

  • Modification of cartographic elements, with topology and consistency checking functions, as well as spatial analysis
  • Management of workflow and updates, with management of historicity
  • Themeing the elements
  • Elaborations for the production of dynamic maps and analysis, with the possibility to verify, for example, a Implementation Plan with respect to the PRGC
  • Overlapping with other map data: aerofotogrammetry, cadastre, orthophoto, etc.
  • Management / Consultation of Attributes
  • Managing / Consulting Document-Related Elements (NTA, Integrative Notes, Area Plans, …)
  • Consultation of metadata for proper knowledge of system data
  • Integration with verification masks of different urban indexes
  • Production of custom reports
  • Production of prints and elaborate