Application Development

Application Development

ARCADIA SIT deals with the creation of web and mobile applications, which allow the collection of data in the field and the subsequent direct sending of the same to a webgis keeping the

database updated.

The solution can therefore be that of representing, in a GIS, “google” style data, in a simple and easy to read way.

Some of these applications, developed by ARCADIA SIT, have been used for the management of public lighting and for road signs.

Database management systems via the Web

The GIS web system is open source, modular, and totally customizable based on customer requests. It allows comparative analysis with different spatial information in order to obtain new


In the system there are masks and functions useful for viewing and managing data.

The latter, rich in information and generally difficult to manage, are corrected, validated and structured in a PostgreSQL geodatabase, and subsequently represented on the map and made


Queries make selections within the objects contained in the theme that is analyzed, and can:

  • View the resulting records (tab)
  • Freeze the result and display it in legend, (views)
  • Scroll, (locate), the query record (s)
  • Manage, (create, edit and delete) multiple queries in a work section

In addition to interactive masks, it is also possible to create preset search functions that make it possible to find useful information in the database.