Technological Networks

Technological Networks

Each urban area has underground technological networks, necessary to provide the services indispensable of city life.

The lack of accurate knowledge of the topographic and geometric positioning of underground networks results in high maintenance costs. Moreover, without the use of IT tools, the interference with socio-economic activities cannot be controlled. In fact, the opening of construction sites on the roads, causes traffic congestion and unavailability of affected roadblocks, disruption, damage to the road surface pedestrian, impact on existing works and trees, etc.

On the contrary, an efficient organization of the different networks results in a reduction in the costs of maintenance interventions or infrastructure expansion and the impact on citizenship.

ARCADIA SIT offers a complete service, based on GIS technologies / WebGis appropriately integrated by specific modules for consultation and management starting from network’s survey, digitization of existing maps and construction of a G.I.S. to manage information and planning  activities of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.