Civil Protection

Civil Protection

Due to many inadequate interventions, our territory has often been the victim of environmental damage that has led to high hydrogeological hazards, numerous fires, earthquakes, and so on.

We believe that the main business occupation is based on prevention. However, to date, there are still several environmental catastrophes that also affect small areas.

ARCADIA SIT is involved in civil protection in different geographic areas that choose to use and deliver information efficiently to operators.

A link to open source technology was designed for the background of information and knowledge in the field of civil protection.

The link is configured as a shared work tool that can collect and manage information by facilitating access to these.


For the dissemination of the same, there was also an organized and homogeneous plan to support:

  • Planning phase
  • Emergency phase
  • Pass the emergency phase

constituting, in fact, the information portal for municipalities on issues of prevention and civil protection intervention, with the aim of:

  • Provide municipalities a tool to organize and manage information related to the field of civil protection, covering both the risk and the resources of a given territory
  • Simplify and improve the exchange of information between administrations
  • Facilitate access to a complete set of data in the prevention and emergency phase, increasing the level of awareness and awareness of phenomena

GET Link is an IT tool for web / Webgis design that manages both the mapping of information that complement the description (maps, data, documents, photographs).

In the presence of interdimensional projects, the software is able to provide updates and data to various data that take place on the same database.

The advantages offered by the solution are the following:


  • Compilation of rules by law, which must be considered and managed under the civil protection level
  • Classification and management of information: Hazard, Risk, Events, Passive Resources, Resource Activities, Human Resources, …
  • Distribution of information between all subjects: municipalities, provinces, regions, prefectures, volunteers, firefighters, forestry, etc.
  • Territory analysis for the preparation of emergency plans
  • Integration with WEBGIS and publication of emergency plans
  • Cooperation and sharing of information with other local government reforms