Civil Protection

Civil Protection

Because interventions often inadequate our territory is unfortunately a fragile subject, exposed to events ranging from hydrological risk, and fires to earthquakes.

We believe that business should be conducted mainly on the prevention side, but to date we see thousands of events, often located in small aerial, that are catastrophic for the people who live there and for the enterprise economy.

ARCADIA SIT has worked in the field of Civil Protection in various geographic areas choosing to use their GIS skills to realize a product solution, GET links, to provide information efficiently to the operators both in the planning and prevention event management, in compliance with regulations and methodologies that have been establishing and diffuse as standard (Method Augustus).

GET Link is designed, with open-source technology, to facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge in the field of civil protection to prevent and manage of natural disasters, as a common ground on which managers and local authorities can share information to provide services targeting both citizens, that the same public administration.



GET link is set up as an instrument of shared work, able to collect and manage information facilitating access to them, their dissemination and establishment of an information asset homogeneous and updated, made up of municipal information to support:

  • Planning phase
  • Emergency phase
  • Overcome the emergency phase

constituting, in fact, the information portal for municipalities on issues of prevention and civil protection intervention, with the aim of:

  • Provide municipalities a tool for organize and manage information related to the field of civil protection, covering both the risk and the resources of a given territory
  • Simplify and improve exchanges of information between administrations
  • Ffacilitate access information to a complete dataset in the prevention phase of the emergency, increasing the level of knowledge and awareness of the phenomena and their risks on human activities

GET Link is an IT web / webgis tool design to manages both integrated information cartographic and description (maps, data, documents, photographs).

In presence of inter-scale projects the software is able to provide updating and accessing data from different subjects working concurrently on the same database.

The advantages offered by the solution are as follows:

  • Classification of procedures required by law, which must be activated and managed under the Civil Protection level
  • Classification and management information: Hazard, Risk, Events, Passive Resources, Active Resources, Human Resources, …
  • Distribution of information between all the entities involved: municipalities, province, region, prefecture, volunteer, firemen, Forestry, etc.
  • Analysis of the territory for the preparation of Emergency Plans
  • Integration with WEBGIS and publication of Emergency Plans
  • Cooperation and information sharing with other local government departments