Transport Infrastructure

Transport Infrastructure

Authorities managing road vehicles require a road cadre for the organization, definition and management of road maintenance elements.

The solution, developed by ARCADIA SIT, according to the new road code and related Ministerial decrees, operates through a database that collects data of all horizontal and vertical elements and makes it possible to view, research and update.

The management of existing or existing information is to facilitate the use of geographic tools useful to define network planning and road marking. Of the latter, it is also possible to check its rules, including: distance from crossroads, road border, readability and interference.

Data associated with road signs are:

  • Multiuser management of web-based cartographic items
  • Folder navigation tools (zoom and panorama),
  • Measuring instruments (linear and linear)
  • Search by signal type and expiration date
  • Consultation of custom tabs and data (with document management, photos, links, …)
  • Select the base map as a background for road sections
  • Selecting a road to produce its signals relevant to it

Road and sign elements can be represented on a reference map based on:

1) to have a general orientation of the territory:

  • Orthophotos
  • Topographic DB

2) To have a direct correlation with the profitability elements:

  • Road manure
  • Road axis
  • Road name

At these levels of information are associated strdcial features such as the size of the roadway or the type of coverage.

By interrogating the signals, the user can view the information stored in the database using a custom form.


The signals are also arranged on a single support. In the case of multiple signals it is possible to identify and open multiple descriptive forms simultaneously or select from the list the signal on which to consult the data.

For each item, the user can attach pictures or documents in different formats and during maintenance they can update the database; such document information can also be viewed online.