Training & Support

Training & Support


Training provision methods
According to the services of the Centre of expertise, Arcadia Sit is committed to providing a full range of training services to the final customer.

All of our resources devoted to the training are senior experts with strong experience in training and knowledge transfer. These team members participate in continuing education to keep them current on all the features of their concern. This ensures that we are providing the highest quality training.

Our general approach to training is described below.

Systematic Approach to Training Methodology
The Systematic Approach to Training or SAT is a methodology for managing training programs. It is an orderly, logical approach to determining what people must know and do at a particular job or in their specific profession. The systematic approach to training ensures that people are prepared for their work by having the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to do their job.
SAT is concerned with on the job performance. SAT begins with identifying people’s work related needs. It ensures training is delivered properly. The systematic approach to training uses constant evaluation to ensure it is meeting the needs of the students. The combined effort between operating line personnel and training experts is very important to the successful implementation of SAT. Professional trainers provide expertise in the SAT methodology and process. They apply the systematic approach to training to meet the needs of the operating organization.
Experts from operating groups provide the expectations and work requirements of the group. They identify the work that will be done and the standards against which students will be judged.
The following table lists the training phases and defines how they will be implemented depending on the selected location.

 Training PAHSES  In Situ  Remote
 Analysis  Direct interview with People  Production of the training Wireframe
 Design  NA  Development of Training Material
 Development  NA  Shared Presentations, chats and conference calls
 Implementation  Training in the Classroom  Shared Presentations, chats and conference calls
 Evaluation  Direct support to the people  Online Support, Chats, Conference Call