Cartography & Maps production

Cartografia e Mappe di produzione

The ARCADIA SIT staff experience accumulated in the various projects in various thematic areas with the creation of Topographic Data Base, Cadastral Cards, Land Cover / Land Use Cards, Hydrogeological Risk Cards, Urban Plans, Service Plan Plans burials, forestry cards, etc.

Cartographic realization processes are always dealt with by means of G.I.S. for the production of Geodatabase, with Georeferencing, digitization, verification and application of quality controls.

Specific production procedures have been developed based on the kind of cartography to be produced, so that time is optimized without sacrificing the quality of the final product.

In the production of ARCADIA SIT map data, it uses automated procedures to verify the information produced by applying a proven test loop for errors and anomalies during the various stages of production. It also produces internal work reports and plans corrective actions.