ARCADIA SIT has carried out numerous environmental projects that are mainly based on the production of cartography and data analysis, such as maps and forest inventories and land use maps, according to Corine Land Cover EU standards, both in Italy and abroad.

In addition, the ARCADIA SIT technical staff members participated in workgroups for developing environmental applications, implementing models for:

  • Monitor environmental impacts arising from urban expansion
  • Simulation of the extension of agricultural areas with erosion of wooded areas
  • The consumption of forests in Central America and South East Asia
  • Production of risk maps in forestry
  • Monitor the state of the mountain environment
  • The implementation of the PAI (Hydrogeological Assessment Plan)
  • The vulnerability assessment program and hydrogeological risks
  • Monitoring and assessment of air pollution with software development of a model designed by the University of Toulouse

In the various projects mentioned above ARCADIA SIT has involved the production and processing of data with the development of software, through which our engineers have been able to develop a profound experience in environmental issues, addressed in several projects in conjunction with GIS.