Agriculture is the economic sector, in the most of countries, of major importance and requires increasingly of IT support.

In Europe CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) defines policies for the development of agricultural systems based on well-established processes for managing farm financing, agricultural practices and eco-conditionality.

The proposal of ARCADIA SIT is based on the establishment of the Agricultural Land Register and their information file, which is supplemented by the production area maps (LPIS), the irrigation network management and the brand development plans to facilitate marketing of products. This is done in compliance with EU directives.

The policies promoted by the CAP are also of interest to countries outside the European Community because they can build a knowledge and management system necessary for agricultural development, also in relation to the concepts of environmental sustainability.

Territorial Information Systems respond to these knowledge, planning and monitoring needs and become the organizational center, both to provide support to farms and agricultural production systems and to adhere to European standards and access to finance.