Agriculture is the economic sector, in the most of countries, of major importance and requires increasingly of IT support.

In Europe, the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) establish policies for the development of agricultural systems that are based on consolidated practices: to management of loans, good agricultural practices and eco-conditionality.

The ARCADIA SIT’s proposal is based on the construction of integrated instruments, like: register of farms and their information package, maps of production areas (LPIS), management of the irrigation network, and support to the development of brands to promote the products marketing, in compliance with the EU directives.

The policies promoted by the CAP are of interest even outside of the countries belonging to the European Union because they allow to build a system of knowledge and management necessary for agricultural development in relation to the concepts of a agriculture sustainability at environmental level.

The Geographic Information Systems meet these needs to manage information, planning and monitoring, and will become the organizational center providing an adequate support to the farmer and to the agricultural production system (Public Administration) respecting the European standards and control the accessioning to loans.