WFM – workflow manager

During the implementation of a project financed by the World Bank (WB) for the Albanian Ministry of the Environment and Tourism (MTE), ARCADIA developed a web-based platform (Work Flow Manager – WFM) for quality control and monitoring the production of forest cadastral maps and real estate information produced in the 1st Registration process, integrated with GIS application tools.

The project envisaged the drafting of a manual (in collaboration between MTE and the World Bank) relating to quality control and updating methodology based mainly on the interpretation of orthophotos.

The system allows you to perform quality control on the data produced by a third party supplier using the G.I.S. and the application of verification of legal data and information on properties and data consistency.

A dashboard presents the various work units (maps) and the progress of the same, the authorized user (controller) checks the progress through GIS applications developed ad hoc that communicate the results of the tests to the web system, thus modifying the status of the unit of work.

Each operation carried out manually or automatically by the system is recorded to create a history of the actions, furthermore the system automatically communicates with the end customer and with the supplier, sending notifications regarding approval or rejection, in this case a report is generated error that facilitates the supplier’s work on correcting the area.

This quality management system allows you to create intermediate progress reports (SAL) or can simply be consulted by the construction manager to get a clear idea of ​​the progress.

The reports created for each phase and the history of the status changes allow to identify the most frequent problems and the “critical” states, allowing the project manager or the companies involved to intervene on the workflow to mitigate recurring or systematic errors.