G4View – WebGIS


The WebGIS system G4VIEW  is based on open source technologies and allows the dissemination and sharing of geographic information, also integrating third-party software products and platforms.

The data is managed by robust and efficient database systems such as PostgreSQL supported by PostGIS as a spatial extension.

G4VIEW can operate both on the Internet and intranet and is composed of three main components:

  • Server and database, where data, access and security are managed
  • Web server exposed on the Internet that makes data available to authorized clients, through the standard OGC services of Web Map Service (WMS) and Feature Web Service (WFS)
  • Web Client to expose users to related functions, to perform operations on data such as consultation, construction of new data, execution and updating. Spatial analysis, creation of print maps, etc.







Easy to use user interface, map loading speed and query execution are just some of the design priorities of the system. Interaction with the web client interface generates requests to the server, which resolves and returns the results to the client while handling numerous users and calls.


The system offers high performance regardless of the number of levels, the size of the geographical area and the number of objects present in each level. Its scalability allows installation even on existing infrastructures that are no longer performing.


Each user has the tools useful for his business, thanks to the possibility of integrating external modules and products for the production of data and reports. Customization functions for map viewing, setting attributes, and query results, creating a highly productive work environment.




Tipi di dato

G4VIEW manages different types of data, vector and editable, raster data such as satellite images and orthophotos. It manages the metadata relating to the data and services displayed, and is able to manage large amounts of alphanumeric data organized in a PostgreSQL database or in other RDBMS that can be integrated thanks to its modular structure based on Open Source technologies.


G4VIEW uses a local cache, managing data in different formats, statically or dynamically, optimizing the visualization regardless of the number of connected users. Access to the web server is reduced, avoiding redundant data transmission. Some features are processed directly on the client, avoiding the overload of the web server.


Dynamic command bar, multi window, clear and intuitive navigation controls make the consultation pleasant and fast. Base maps such as Google, Bing and OpenStreetMap, distance and area measurement tools, editing and queries make it a production tool that is easy to use even by less experienced users.


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For G4VIEW design, Arcadia SIT has paid particular attention to a series of points:


Easy to use, user interface


High performance in the data management


Integration with external services or data


data access schema



G4VIEW manage different types of data:

  • Vector data (editable)
  • Raster data like satellite imagery and aerial
  • Metadata related to the layer and services
  • Table data stored in PostgreSQL or others RDBMS


G4VIEW uses a local cache. The levels in different formats are managed statically or dynamically, to optimize the display, the use of the cache reduces access to the web server as much as possible, avoiding superfluous and redundant data transmission. Some features are processed directly on the client side, so as not to overload the web server.

Some of the main functionalities are:

  • Dynamic command bar
  • Multi window
  • Navigation Controls: Pan, Incremental Zoom, Zoom Box, See All Space
  • Base layer like Google, Bing, OpenStreetMap, etc.
  • Attributes and display of documents
  • Measurement of distances and areas
  • Data sheet and search function
  • Press
  • Legend management
  • Production reports
  • Editing and updating of information




Sample of statistic report


sample query builder




The latter is able to provide an effective solution for the distribution and integration of vertical applications that require the support of cartographic information data.

The G4VIEW structure consists of three main components:

  • Database server
  • Web server exposed on the Internet
  • Web Client


The functionalities for the user are displayed in relation to his profile, he can perform operations on the data such as consultation, data entry, spatial analysis, print maps.
G4VIEW operates both Internet and intranet, based on the components described above.


distribute access to information in intranet/interne