Civil Protection

Civil Protection

The territory is often the victim of environmental damage caused by multiple inadequate human interventions that have led to high hydrogeological and fire hazards, which have been added to completely natural events such as earthquakes, due to the conformation and structure of the territory.

ARCADIA SIT works in the field of civil protection in various geographical areas proposing and using GIS software during the planning, emergency and overcoming of the environmental emergency phase. In order to manage the three phases mentioned above, a system based on open-source technology (GET link) was designed to facilitate the transfer of information and have a shared working tool, able to collect and manage data, facilitating access.

The advantages offered by the GET link solution are many, from the classification and management of information to the organization of emergency plans.

Other functions offered are the classification of procedures established by law, the analysis of the territory and the sharing of information with the local control bodies.