Transport Infrastructure

The management of transport infrastructures presupposes the collection and digitization of the data present in the managing bodies, their organization, the transformation of this information into an integrated system where the information can be easily used to create scenarios and reports relating to the planning and management of the routes. roads of competence.

An adequate system allows you to query the data and combine them to perform essential operations for planning, some of them are:

  • construction site management
  • scheduled or extraordinary maintenance planning
  • signage management
  • emergency management and study of alternative routes

The solution, developed by ARCADIA SIT for the management of transport infrastructures, is developed and updated on the basis of the new road code and related ministerial decrees, and is based on a database that collects the data of all the elements of the road network and makes it possible to viewing, searching, updating.

The reference map used as a basis can be an orthophoto or a topographic DB, where present, and the ability to carry out many measurements directly on the map, such as measuring distances, reduces survey times in the field and provides a method of “expeditious control” necessary for the identification of situations that violate road or building rules and regulations.