Training & Support

Training & Support

ARCADIA SIT provides a full range of customer training services. Geographical information systems can not be efficient without competent personnel, which is why the training of personnel is planned along with the supply of products.

Our in-house experts follow a continuous update to keep abreast of new proposals from the IT world, GIS and WebGIS, so as to guarantee a high quality level and provide preparation, experience, skills and attitude.

Using an orderly and logical approach based on a training program management methodology (SAT), the necessary knowledge is provided to carry out its activities.

The SAT focuses its attention on work performance, starting with identifying the needs of the staff and ensuring that training is achieved correctly. The combined effort between operational staff and training experts is very important for the success of the SAT method.

The following table lists the training phases and defines how they will be implemented depending on the selected position.


 Training PAHSES  In Situ  Remote
 Analysis  Direct interview with People  Production of the training Wireframe
 Design  NA  Development of Training Material
 Development  NA  Shared Presentations, chats and conference calls
 Implementation  Training in the Classroom  Shared Presentations, chats and conference calls
 Evaluation  Direct support to the people  Online Support, Chats, Conference Call