Quality Control of digital maps and cadastral data

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Project details

The activity involved defining the workflow to control the activities and corrective actions for each type of error, proceeding to the development in the ArcGIS environment of different procedures performed using Model Builder and Python, the verified data related to the digital maps and to the land registry of some areas located in the Piedmont Region, included in the BD3D, and some others located in Valpiccola.

The activities mainly concerned:

  • Geometry control
  • Topology check
  • Georeferencing of cadastral maps
  • Links of property data to cadastral items
  • Verification of completeness and relationship between geographical and alphanumeric data
  • Preparation of anomaly signals
  • Technical support to GEO4MAP Srl for corrective actions
  • Re-execution of post correction checks
  • Technical training of GEO4MAP Srl


    GEO4MAP Srl


    • GIS
    • Topographic Database
    • Cadastre
    • Application Development
    • Quality Control Procedure

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