Development of IT procedures to control cadastral data

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ARCADIA SIT deals with the development of IT procedures in the GIS and RDBMS environment for quality control of digital maps (land registry) and EUR SPA real estate. The GIS application is implemented in an Open Source environment (Qgis), and integrated with some plugins, the first of which allows to check the quality of the georeferencing and the limit of the cadastral element, while the second allows to create reports for the ownership of each EUR investigated.
ARCADIA SIT also deals with the training of SIT technicians for the use of these procedures, in order to give operators the skills to use the WebGIS application independently.

After the development of the IT procedures, checks were performed on the data produced by the company STI srl, the anomalies detected allowed to define a strategy and method of correction. When necessary, a field survey action was planned with topographic tools, and the reports were included in the geodatabase.


STI - Sistema Terre Iniziative Srl - EUR SPA


  • GIS
  • Topographic Database
  • Cadastre
  • Application Development
  • Quality Control Procedure

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