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The network subsystems are the connective tissue of the territory and guarantee its functioning. Each urban area has many underground technological networks, necessary to provide the services necessary for city life.
The introduction of the PGS (General Plan for Under-Services) in the city of Varese as part of the PGT (Urban Plan), based on the organized and correlated computerization of all the information elaborated within the project and the appropriate management tools, this allows the user to modify the processes and to implement the procedures of the Municipal Sector managing ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions, planning for the installation of new network sections, optimization services for the citizens and reduction of the relative costs.

The objective, which the Municipality of VARESE pursues with the realization of the PGS, is efficiency, ensuring transparency through the activation of a plurality of functions for the management of information related to technological networks of water supply, sewerage, gas, electricity, district heating ITC. This goal is achieved by the identification, design, implementation and management of:

  • An adequate IT network infrastructure to support local activities and relationships with businesses, citizens and local professionals
  • Knowledge system, based on technical and thematic maps, reliable and updated, accessible
  • Operational tools for the dissemination and use of information, and information flows between networks and the various municipal offices
  • Management plan (PGS), application models and procedures for consulting data and their use for the investigation of sectoral practices and activities defined to meet the needs in a coordinated and efficient way
  • Operational support and training for government departments to allow personnel to use the tools and services offered correctly.

The PGS is a fundamental tool for municipal technological networks and is designed to allow the correct governance of underground networks and of the road network under construction as an element in itself, but not separate from networks.

Based on these considerations, the municipality intends to take steps to draft the PGS with the following objectives:

  • The production of the territorial framework. Cognitive and service networks in the subsoil
  • The production of a series of problematic cases to analyze, to describe the state of the infrastructures, highlighting the limits and the main problems of the networks, identifying the priority interventions that will improve the current status of the networks and services
  • Coordinated action plan
  • Tools based on GIS and WebGIS technologies to plan interventions and monitoring


Municipality of Varese


  • Cartography
  • Technological Network
  • Municipal System
  • Model Analysis

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