LPIS – System for identifying parcels of Agricultural land in Turkey

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Project details

ARCADIA SIT, designed and built the GIS platform and database to produce LPIS (Land Identification Parcel System) data for 390,000 sq km of agricultural land in Turkey and monitor its quality, using the EU standard definition.

The open source project management solution allowed to develop different plugins for polygon coding, geometry verification and topology, in a dynamic way. Automatic tests and checks, carried out both during and at the end of the work, made it possible to verify the quality of the data entered.
ARCADIA SIT also took care of staff training, in order to guide operators and experts during the production, digitization, quality control and delivery phases.

ARCADIA SIT provided planning services and consultancy. Project implementation and management, data organization and software development and integration.
Some data on the project:

  • Area: Republic of Turkey
  • Contracting authority: Central Finance and Contracts Unit (CFCU)
  • Consortium (RTI) (5 companies of which 4 Italian and 1 Turkish
  • Time: 1.5 years
  • Operators: 70
  • Managerial staff: 10

The activities mainly concerned:

  • Analysis and workflow and project management
  • Creation of software and work tools (based on QGIS)
  • Design and creation of the work and management database
  • Creation of tools for user management and assignment of work units
  • Creation of tools for topological editing
  • Creation of automated quality tests and tools
  • Management of delivery batches
  • Conversions and format management
  • GIS training and provision of GIS specialists


Central Finance and Contracts Unit (CFCU) Turkey

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