Land Cover Map (CORINE LC) GeoDatabase

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Project details


Realization of  land use maps in 1:10.000 scale using GIS technologies and techniques of remote sensing and photo interpretation and field surveys with GPS using CORINE LC specification.
In the first instance we have been identified the keys of interpretation for each CORINE LC level, derived from an expeditious analysis of the images, in some significant sample areas, with verification in field with ground surveying instruments.
The Land Cover areas have been acquired for photo interpretation of satellite image, properly processed.
Forest area was integrated directly from Forest Map realized in a previous project.
Each element has been acquired in accordance with the structural limits of the territory supplied by the aerophotogrammetric map (CTR), using a lot of ancillary data.
After these was create the CORINE LC  geodatabase.

List of activities:

  • Manage satellite images (georeferencing, enhancement, indices calculation, …)
  • Creation of interpretative keys
  • Photointerpretation of polygons border
  • Elimination of polygons with surface smaller than the minimum
  • Control and validation: GIS test (geometry, topology, coding) and ground survey (classification)




  • GIS
  • Corine Land Cover
  • Cartograpphy
  • Photointerpretation
  • Topographic Database
  • Quality Control Procedure

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