Information System Development

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Project details


The project involved the total revision of the SITE Town, creating a new hardware and software infrastructure of offices, planning a series of map services for other municipal departments.

For the development of new GIS has been used the GEOMEDIA INTERGRAPH suite, both for desktop products (GEOMEDIA PROFESSIONAL) that for the WEBGIS (GEOMEDIA WebMap), integrated and developed ergonomically to allow automatic updating of databases and their web publication.

Done the analysis of the data available at the municipality of Vicenza was carried to the overall design of the various database also building a map of the relationships between the different maps and different themes.


The topographic cartography base has been structured according to the Italian national standard (INTESA GIS) and any other information have been normalized on this base to made them mutually comparable.

The topics actions covered in the project are:

  • Production of aerophotogrammetric base with standards Intesa GIS technical specifications
  • Production of cadastral base
  • Production toponymy / civic base
  • Production of Urban Plan base
  • Development webgis in Geomedia WebMap environment
  • evelopment integrated GIS in Geomedia PROFESSIONAL environment
  • Integration G.I.S. with management platform ASCOT WEB (registry, taxes, …)
  • Installing web farm into municipal offices
  • Municipality staff training
  • Assistance and support to different municipal offices




  • GIS
  • Cartograpphy
  • Topographic Database
  • Application Development
  • Training
  • Support
  • Quality Control Procedure

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