Quality Information System Data and Training

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Structuring of a quality information system

Data management is the basis of any information system that provides “information” and the quality is strictly dependent on the quality of the data entered.

The picture metaphorically represents the elements of an information system and its interactions, in which the quality of the “fuel” will inevitably influence the performance obtainable from a “super car“.

With current technologies and our current capabilities, we can deliver a high performance system (“super car“) that can grow with increasing customer needs, but that’s not enough. Owning a good car with a powerful engine is not enough, it is necessary to have good fuel (quality data) and to enable users to power and exploit its system performance easily.

On this basis, our proposal provides:

  • Help users create and manage their data successfully
  • Collaborate and train users in the use and management of their data
  • Structuring an intelligent database to be able to contain them
  • Provide open source software (web or desktop) for management and sharing


public authorities (municipalities, institutions, consortium, etc)

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