Forest maps & GeoDatabase

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Project details


Realization of forest maps on a scale of 1: 25,000 using remote sensing techniques, photo interpretation and surveying in the field by means of GPS.
First of all, sample areas were identified on which to test the interpretative keys, derived from a rapid analysis of the images. A further verification was then carried out using ground detection instruments. Subsequently, the forest border was defined and the main species contained in each polygon were classified.
During the project and at its conclusion, both automatic and manual quality tests were carried out.

List of activities:

  • Management of satellite images (geo-referencing, improvement, index calculation)
  • Creation of interpretative keys
  • Photointerpretation of polygons
  • Classification of the main species in the polygon
  • Control and validation (GIS test and ground detection)




  • GIS
  • Forestry
  • Cartograpphy
  • Photointerpretation
  • Topographic Database
  • Quality Control Procedure

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