IPRO1- Design methodology for Albanian land cadaster Maps elaboration

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ARCADIA SIT took care of the planning and development of the applications Workflow Manager and Control Manager for the elaboration, control and coordination of the production of forest land cadastral maps in 19 Municipalities of Albania. The first of these applications allows to organize the workflow and to share information among the interested parties, while the second one is used by the operators performing the quality control.
Users who access the Work Flow Manager can see the status of the zones in real time. This single page application also shows the date of delivery by the contractor and the delivery date provided by the supervisor. This way you can check for any delays.
The Control Manager application is used during quality control to compile documents, called Annexs, in which are reported the results of the monitoring carried out. The annexes can then be downloaded and printed.


  • GIS
  • Cadastre
  • SW Integration
  • Quality Control

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