Consortium of “bonifica” (reclamation), data management and services

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Project details

ARCADIA SIT develops geodatabases and WebGIS solutions for water management in the agricultural sector. A fundamental requirement of the reclamation consortia is the monitoring of water resources that are used to irrigate the fields, manage the water withdrawal pumps, but also calculate the annual taxes that the citizens of the consortium must pay for the various services.
ARCADIA SIT offers easy-to-use WebgGIS solutions that can be accessed by both technicians and individuals. Visiting the consortium WebGIS you can then consult the drainage and irrigation networks and search by name and type, the irrigation drainage systems and derivation works, the consortium surface and much more.

Structuring of standard data repositories and management of the geographic information system to create knowledge:

  • Channel catalog (for water flow, toponymy, sections
  • Catalog and product management (active and passive)
  • Pump management (consumption, maintenance)
  • Data acquisition (weather, river levels, maintenance, etc.)
  • Management limits (basins, administration, work management, etc.)
  • Limitations and limits
  • Land registry overlap

Services provided:

  • Altitude management (dimensioned drawings, elevation sections, DTM, etc.)
  • Project management (archive, work progress, location, financial reports)
  • Management of reports (maintenance, warnings, damages, etc.)
  • Calculation of tariffs (spatial intersection with information rates)
  • Flow calculations
  • Management of cadastral information
  • Integration with management software
  • Updating data online\offline

Presentation of the solution for reclaim consortia:

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    Consorzio di Bonifica Delta del Po


    • GIS
    • Topographic Database
    • Cadastre
    • Application Development
    • Quality Control Procedure

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