ALFIS – Albanian National Forest System

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Project details

The ALFIS Project of the Albanian Ministry of the Environment and Tourism (MTE) was financed by the World Bank (WB) and consists in the design and construction of the Albanian National Forest System.
To achieve the goal of creating an integrated system for the cooperation and management of forest data in the Albanian territory, an application has been developed that integrates the following modules in a web-based environment:

  • webgis (G4VIEW)
  • metadata catalog
  • document management
  • statistic analysis
  • User Management
  • FPMP project management (Forest Settlement Plans)
  • workflow manager (WFM)

The planning and loading of the forest database was carried out, the levels of which are:

  • administrative limits
  • basic cartography
  • land registry
  • forest parcels and pastures
  • survey data in the field (PLOTS)
  • forest data

The System acquires the data of the cadastral parcels, registered in the SCA by adopting the rules defined for the 1st registration process, and allows management of the geographical change with the association of forest data.

The AlFIS database is based on cadastral data produced in several first registration projects, for all forest areas and pastures in Albania, which are integrated with forest parcels and forest data both collected in the field and retrieved from existing databases, often with non-existing formats. homogeneous and contained.

All this information has been normalized and linked to the cadastral data on the basis of unique keys to constitute the AlFIS database. The System also allows both the integration of services produced by third parties (SCA, ASIG, NEA) and the provision of their data in terms of web services.

AlFIS manages, on the basis of user profiles – Single SignOn over 100 Albanian public bodies: MTE, NAPA, RAPA, Municipalities, allowing the management of the Forest Cadastre and FPMP (Forest Settlement Plans) in cooperative mode.
For the management of the processes, a BPM (Business Project Management) System has been defined which, through work flow management techniques, guides the various operators in the realization of their activities.
AlFIS also provides integrated modules for project management and document management integrated with the other applications of the system: WebGIS, Publisher, Metadata collection, User management.

AlFIS is installed in AKSHI and complies with all safety standards required by this agency in accordance with national legislation. Production of: technical documents, user manuals, online help, training and support


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