Open Source


Open source software is more and more widespread, and in fact it constitutes a large part of the final products or most used development libraries.
The wide spread of open source products is based on two main reasons:

  • The realization of such products is often shared by several organizations: universities, research institutes, SW development companies, etc. and this has facilitated the implementation of a high quality code.
  • Much of this code is expressed in the form of products, libraries and plugins that can be downloaded for free and free from high licensing and maintenance costs, typical of proprietary products, this allows the user to invest in the development of solutions using basic products existing.

    The spread of Open Source is so high today that we can guarantee a wide range of quality products comparable to the proprietary ones, even the user can evaluate the products of interest independently and decide which one is best suited to their needs.

    The WebGIS software, developed with Open Source technologies, has now reached a large number of users, thanks to reliability, sharing and continuous evolution in line with new components and additions.

    In fact, the products made with this technology are more significant and available compared to what happens with proprietary products.
    It has been a long time since ARCADIA SIT is investing in the development of its own WebGIS product, based on open source technologies, for the dissemination and sharing of geographical information.
    In this context, ARCADIA SIT also integrated third-party software products or platforms with the WebGIS, creating specific applications and customizations.
    The logic that guides the choices of ARCADIA SIT and the methodology of development, make the geographic data available for each area by creating a correlation between information, allowing, consultation and spatial analysis.

    For the product Desktop ARCADIA SIT has chosen, among the many Open Source Quantum GIS (QGIS) products, and is involved in the development of plug-ins, to streamline the acquisition of geographical data, quality control, production management of the flow of work and data analysis.
    In parallel, other products for data management were selected, based on their technical characteristics of openness and efficiency (POSTGRESQL / POSTGIS) and integrated with the WebGIS platform.

    The ARCADIA SIT development team develops and personalises the products and updates the basic technologies, considering a constant analysis of the evolution of open source products to guarantee its investments and those of their customers, putting technological innovation at the center of the activities of software production.