2022 – framework contract DESIS

Arcadia confirms its historical presence at the JRC center of Ispra (VA) with the acquisition of the DESIS framework contract relating to the participation and development of projects in the territorial context at the JRC of Ispra with the use of GIS technologies, RDBMS and the supply of application consultancy, production of geodatabases and software development in GIS and webgis environments, in European projects:

  • Processing of mapping ecosystem services &biodiversity on EU; – IT support to land management an natural hazard /EFFIS;
  • Support to LMNHU/FOREST Action Spatial Data; Processing of high resolution satellite data for landcover changes;
  • Support to NARCO/ISFEREA Web mapping infrastructure;
  • Support to GEM for develop and deploy of a web- based interface;
  • Database and web technical support to DESERT action;
  • Support to EU-FLOOD-GIS;
  • Analysis of water and energy facilities project;
  • Support activities for AGRI4CAST Action (MARSOP3);
  • Development and maintenance of web portal on climate change.

2021 – ESA “Space for Hydro Energy Sector – Snow Water Equivalent and snow cover” 

Arcadia as part of the partnership in Agrosit s.r.l. was selected for the development of a system to assess the effective water equivalent of snow in Alpine regions, the availability of water due to melting and its temporal distribution, for water management. The model used will increase the reliability of range predictions for the areas of interest.

The sizing of hydroelectric plants strongly depends on the distribution of the expected flow rate, and the accuracy in forecasting these data is essential to define the optimal sizing of the turbine and the volume of the water basin to maximize the performance of the investment.
The new information service resulting from this project will be very promising for estimating the water reserves stored in the snowpack of the Alpine regions.

2018 – Agrosit s.r.l

Agrosit s.r.l. was established. whose purpose is to provide IT services with high technological value, such as web and mobile applications aimed mainly at the field of management and planning in agriculture and in the environmental field. The shareholder structure of the company is formed by Arcadia SIT srl, RADARMETERO srl, IDEA-RE srl. The development of prevention, warning and risk management systems relating to adverse weather events is currently underway. These applications are mainly aimed at farms and producers, who are increasingly victims of severe weather events that can irreparably damage. crops.


2017 – Arcadia SIT Albanian Branch

The Albanian Branch of Arcadia Sistemi Informativi Territoriali is open. With a view to strategic expansion in the Balkan area, the Albanian Branch was established. In recent years, the states of the Balkan area are embarking on a process of modernization and digitization of public administration, the management of natural resources such as forests and agriculture will move from paper management to digital management. Also with regard to the management of private property (land registry), the Albanian state has allocated funds aimed at developing efficient territorial administration projects.

ARCADIA SIT ALBANIAN BRANCH – Rruga Pjeter Bogdani, Ndertesa Nr.17, Kati 2, (Pallati Teuta Konstruksion) 1001 TIRANA-Njesia Administrative No. 5