Mobile – app ZANA

Portable devices such as smartphones and tablets are by their nature the ideal platform on which to implement data collection applications in the field, they already have the appropriate hardware to collect, send and detail (photos with GPS tags) information to a collection web platform. These devices have reached a level of performance that allows them to also be used for GIS operations, both for viewing and editing, freeing the surveyor from the critical issues of the past due to the fact that the data was collected in the field and “poured” into the system only  subsequently, with the risk of loss of information or worse, with the introduction of errors due to the erroneous interpretation of handwritten notes.

ARCADIA is able to develop apps for mobile devices completely integrated in WebGIS systems for the collection of data in the field, and for the visualization of data from other online systems.


During the design and implementation of the Albanian National Forest System (ALFIS) for the Ministry of the Environment and Tourism (MTE), ARCADIA undertook the development of an application and the integration in a web-based environment of the following modules:

  • webgis (G4VIEW)
  • metadata catalog
  • document management
  • statistic analysis
  • User Management
  • FPMP project management
  • Workflow manager (WFM)

The project involved the creation of the forest database containing the administrative limits, the basic cartography, the land registry, the forest and pasture parcels, the survey data in the field (PLOTS) and the forest data.

The ZANA webapp, was specially developed for the collection of forestry data in the field (PLOTS), is specifically designed to register FOREST SURVEYS and RISK EVENTS, and to quickly collect essential data in the field and be able to recall them for further processing via internet.

The APP dialogues with the database which automatically performs complex forestry summaries and calculations. The data collected can be transferred to the system or exported and analyzed in Excel, or on local GIS (eg QGIS). The app can be used by any device (tablet, smartphone, PC) as it is compatible with all operating systems.