Data Management

The aim of ARCADIA SIT is to provide quality, certified and structured data, in order to build a reliable information system. Our company also provides services for customization and implementation of solutions tailored to the customer.

The data provided are verified at input and the most significant datasets are identified, they undergo a normalization process, eliminating the redundancies and managing any encoding problems. All information is organized within a database with a structure called “schema”. The latter can be expanded or modified to meet new needs and evolutions.

The validated and correct data are structured in an open-source geodatabase, such as:

  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL

The databases are organized into tables that include both vector and alphanumeric cartographic elements, while the information is organized through relational links between the various tables.

ARCADIA SIT also adheres to the main national and international standards such as INTESA-GIS and INSPIRE. All processes are developed with the aim of guaranteeing data integrity and security, also thanks to a scrupulous observance of ISO procedures.